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At Nita-Rita we rent top of the line machines which insure a perfect frozen drink each time. Each machine holds about 5 gallons, (about 60 nine ounce drinks). They require no ice, no bartender and most importantly let you control the strength of the drink (all flavors also make great non-alcoholic beverages). All rentals include free delivery (in our free delivery area) and free pick up along with the other items listed below.

We offer a drink to fit any occassion. Check out our

List Of Mixes.

  • Frozen Drink Machine
  • One Bottle Of Mix (one bottle makes approx. 60 9 oz drinks)
  • 50 Eight oz Cups & 50 Straws
  • Salt Rimmer (for Margaritas only)
  • Bucket For Mixing
  • Extension Cord & Surge Protector
  • Printed Instructions
  • Setup & Cleaning Of Machine
  • And Of Course Delivery & Pickup! (no upstairs apartments)
  • The Alcohol (If Needed)
  • Dedicated Outlet
  • Thirsty Guests
*Prices subject to change.
*Nita-Rita accepts Cash, Visa, and Mastercard.
*Nita-Rita does not supply alcohol and askes customers to party sensibly and please do not drink and drive.
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